January 2012
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Busy Times Are Great Times!

WOW!  The salon has been so busy and we are so thankful!  Thanks to all of our local clients and visitors for coming in and letting us serve you.  It's been so fun having our "snow birds" here and it's been even more fun to see their expressions when they walk into the newly remodeled salon.  They can't believe it's the same place.  They are always saying it looks so much bigger and spacious!  They can't believe it's the same space.  They are also commenting that they love the new look!  "Very modern and classy."  Matter of fact we had a lot of fun with one recent client who walked in, stopped in her steps, looked around, turned around and walked out.  We couldn't figure out what was going on until she walked right back in a few minutes later.  She came back saying "Oh my gosh!  I can't believe this is the same place.  I thought I was in the wrong salon so I had to go out and double check."  We all had a great laugh!